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This is the Global Criminology papers repository. We have a collection of free Criminology papers/articles from authors all over the world on a variety of subjects. All the resources here have been hosted with the expressed permission of the author, please give credit and cite appropriately. If you would like to submit your own article please go to the 'Submitting Articles' page for more information. - Penology Articles and Papers

"A branch of criminology dealing with prison management and the treatment of offenders" - Merriam-Webster - Cybercrime Articles and Papers

Articles and papers dealing with Cybercrime. Cybercrime is defined as "criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet." - Oxford Dictionary - Victimology Articles and Papers

"the study of the victims of crime and the psychological effects of their experience" - Oxford Dictionary - Transnational Crime Articles and Papers

Articles and papers concerned with transnational or international crimes such as Drug/Human/Arms trafficking, Terrorism and international organised crime. - Policing Articles and Papers.

Articles relating to research on Police and Policing - Drugs and Addictions Articles and Papers

Criminology articles and papers dealing with Drugs, Addictions and the surrounding issues. - Organised Crime Articles and Papers

Articles, papers and research dealing with Organised Crime. This section includes gang crime, sub-cultural criminal groups and other specific criminal structures.

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